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Pokuase Girl and World Class Ghana Board Member Moves Up

Board member Susan Kraeger met Gertrude on the last day of her first trip to Ghana in March of 2006.  She had grown up in Pokuase and was living in a compound with her mother, three sisters, and assorted nieces and nephews.  Gertie had a small kiosk next to her mother’s baking supply shop on the dusty main street of Pokuase where she sold household incidentals.

As a thirty something unmarried woman with no children, she was an anomaly. Susan was struck by her extraordinary intelligence and buoyant good humor, which permeated their short conversation.

On her second visit to Ghana a few months later, she hired Gertie as the Director of Development for WomensTrust, the micro lending NGO for which Susan then served as executive director. They worked hand in glove over the next few years and she got to know Gertie very well. 

Gertie attended local schools, graduated from secondary school, and attended classes at a business college.  In 2006, she began to immerse herself in politics at the local and national level.  

Her political acumen was astonishing. She was extraordinarily astute about how the system worked and how to work it.  Her party, the NPP, to which she is fiercely loyal, recognized her ability early on and she became a grass roots women’s organizer in the Amassaman District, working her way up the local and regional ladder. 

Last spring, Ghanaian President Nana Akufo-Addo implemented his plan to install a more regionally- based government presence allowing officials to be more responsive to individual district needs.  Getting more women in government was a plank of the platform on which he ran.

Gertrude’s political acumen, her fierce dedication to women’s issues, and her loyalty to the NPP put her squarely in the running for the position of Municipal Chief Executive of the Ga West District.  The competition was intense and all male; yet, Gertie persisted…and prevailed! 

Her days are now very busy, filled with processing requests from her constituents and negotiating public works projects.  On the weekends, she is “topping off” her degree – finishing the coursework for a Master’s Degree in Social Work to become a family magistrate. Brava! and Congratulations Municipal Chief Executive Gertrude Ankrah! 

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